Mr. Monkey’s Good-Time Flea Circus

  Step right up and witness some of the smallest creatures in the insect kingdom perform some of the most dangerous and death-defying acts of the circus! Gaze in awe as Fifi the Wonderflea dives fearlessly from a high-dive tower into a cup of creaming soda! Bear witness as Brutor, the strongest flea in the world (and the strongest animal in the world for size to weight ratio) as he attempts to best an ant in a feat of brute strength! Marvel at Melville - the Flea Who Knows No Fear, as he is shot out of a canon and soars high above the awe-struck audience! All this and more can be seen only in Mr. Monkey's Good-Time Flea Circus - all of the wonder of the circus, in miniature!   History Flea circuses were first advertised as early as 1833 in England, and were a main carnival attraction until 1930. Some flea circuses persisted in very small venues in the United States as late as the 1960s. The flea circus at Belle Vue amusement park was still operating in 1970. Today the flea circus has largely become a lost art form, with much information about them being anecdotal or steeped in lore. Signor Pedigrosso's Good-Time Flea Circus is one of only two flea circuses currently known to be operating in Australasia.  


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